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Divorce Attorney

Divorce with or without children create concerns as to support, allocation of debts and division of property of the marriage.
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Child Custody

Custody issues include whether a party wants sole or joint physical custody, a support obligation and more than minimum visitation.
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Personal Injury

Often the presentation of medical billings and providing a scenario of pain and suffering will suffice to allow a client to recover his damages.
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Rex B. Bushman, P.C., Attorney at Law

Rex Bushman welcomes new clients and will make himself available for a free consultation at your early convenience to sit down with or discuss your case by telephone to determine what legal options will best serve your needs. Rex is kind and courteous and will provide all the necessary time to go over the details of your case to comprehensively evaluate the problem and provide legal advice and services for its successful resolution. Rex will promptly investigate, prepare pleadings and file your case without delay. During the course of your representation you will always have access by telephone or in person to Rex to answer questions or strategize with you about your matter.

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Unless a parent has a history of neglect, abuse, domestic violence, or other serious actions that would require the court to protect the child, the State of Utah has specific minimum schedules and rules for visitation that the judge must abide by and order when parents are unable to agree on a different visitation schedule.


Owning a home is a dream that can come to an abrupt end when you get into debt. Homes are prime assets that collectors target to satisfy outstanding debts. Practically every homeowner seeks to avoid this. Luckily, the state provides legal protection in the form of a homestead exemption. This law can help you keep […]


If you have made that difficult decision to divorce your spouse, you need to be aware of the state’s requirements prior to taking the money, time, and effort to start the process. You need to make sure your union is qualified for a Utah divorce proceeding and what is needed to proceed.