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Divorce Attorney

Divorce with or without children create concerns as to support, allocation of debts and division of property of the marriage.
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Child Custody

Custody issues include whether a party wants sole or joint physical custody, a support obligation and more than minimum visitation.
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Personal Injury

Often the presentation of medical billings and providing a scenario of pain and suffering will suffice to allow a client to recover his damages.
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Rex B. Bushman, P.C., Attorney at Law

Rex Bushman welcomes new clients and will make himself available for a free consultation at your early convenience to sit down with or discuss your case by telephone to determine what legal options will best serve your needs. Rex is kind and courteous and will provide all the necessary time to go over the details of your case to comprehensively evaluate the problem and provide legal advice and services for its successful resolution. Rex will promptly investigate, prepare pleadings and file your case without delay. During the course of your representation you will always have access by telephone or in person to Rex to answer questions or strategize with you about your matter.

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When you’re involved in a collision, you might unwittingly make mistakes that end up jeopardizing your auto accident injury claim. The action you take after a car crash is crucial to recovering the financial compensation you deserve. Make a wrong move after suffering an auto accident injury, and it could end up costing you hundreds […]


Utah divorce attorneys frequently see clients who are in a hurry to file a petition before their spouse has a chance to do so. Many people seem to think that filing first is essential. But it doesn’t matter who files the initial divorce petition — the process will go on just the same, regardless of […]


Child custody is a significant concern — and, often, a source of conflict — when parents in Utah decide to separate or divorce. If you and your spouse cannot come to a mutually acceptable solution, the matter goes before the court. The judge then has the final say on both physical custody, or where your […]