4 Tips to Remember When Getting Divorced

4 Tips to Remember When Getting Divorced

Divorce can be an emotional nightmare for many people. If your marriage seems to be headed toward a divorce, then following some tips may help you come out ahead in mediation or court.

Educate Yourself

You need to be aware of what Utah law says about divorce. You and your spouse must attend a mandatory divorce education class before the court system will finalize your divorce. You may have to take two courses depending on your circumstances. The courses can be taken online or at local venues. Be sure that you are taking a course approved by the state.

Focus on the Kids

You and your spouse need to make sure that your child knows that they are not to blame in the divorce. Try to create happy memories during the time that you are with your child. Avoid talking negatively about your spouse where there is even a remote chance that your child may overhear you. Expect your child to experience a range of emotions in the weeks after you tell them, so stay available to talk.

Avoid Social Media

It can be very tempting to put everything on social media, but you should avoid doing this at all costs. If you cannot handle your emotions, then you may just want to get off Facebook and Twitter for awhile. People will attack you and blame you. Realize that you do not owe them answers. Remember that anything that you say on social media may be repeated in front of your children. The court can also use what you say on social media sites to rule against you.

Consider Your Finances

Getting divorced in Utah can be very expensive. Make sure you take the whole picture into view before making a decision. For example, if you and your spouse decide to sell your home, then you may have to pay taxes on the proceeds. Talk to a Utah divorce attorney like Rex B. Bushman who can help you identify your family’s assets and their potential value before you get blindsided.

Utah has a higher percentage of divorces than most other states. While it may seem like an easy answer, if you are not prepared, then it can have detrimental consequences. Therefore, make sure to see a family law expert before you start the process.