Abuse of the Elderly in Utah

Abuse of the Elderly in Utah

Utah Adult Protective Services says that one in three nursing home residents in the state has suffered abuse. That amounts to over 726 seniors suffering some form of abuse from the people they trust to take care of them. The most common form of abuse was emotional abuse followed closely by physical abuse. Some residents even were sexually abused in their nursing home. If you have a loved one in a nursing home facility, then you need to recognize signs that they may be being abused.

Signs of Emotional Abuse

One of the most difficult types of abuse to spot is emotional abuse because most caregivers are going to be very careful not to do it in your presence. Mumbling to oneself, rocking or sucking may be signs that the person has become afraid of their caregiver. In fact, if you notice that a person’s dementia symptoms seem to be getting worse, then you may want to check to see if they are being emotionally abused.

Signs of Physical Abuse

Welts, bruises and other red splotches on an elderly person may be common, but they can also be signs of physical abuse. Drug overdoses, under doses, and giving the person the wrong medicines are unfortunately common in nursing homes. Broken bones can also be a major clue.

Signs of Sexual Abuse

Unexplained genital or vaginal diseases can be a sign of sexual abuse. Additionally, check their underwear when possible for signs of blood. Try to be present when the doctor makes his rounds if you have concerns in this area.

While many nursing home staff love the residents that they work with daily, some residents experience abuse at the hands of those charged for caring for them. If you suspect abuse, then take action immediately. Utah lawyer Rex B. Bushman stands ready to aid you in getting them the care that they deserve.