April is Distracted Driving Month

April is Distracted Driving Month

As April draws to a close so does distracted driving month. About 270 people will die from distracted driving during the month while an additional 32,500 people will be injured in car crashes caused by distracted driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration keeps count of these crashes, and they divide them into three different groups.

Cognitive Tasks

There are many different cognitive tasks that can disturb a person while driving including just letting the brain wander to a past argument or to a future event. It is estimated that drivers who listen to the radio or another device while driving spend about 40 percent of their brain power concentrating on what is going on with the show or song. Even just having a pleasant conversation with another occupant can lead to a distracted driving accident as it takes brain power to concentrate on what the person is saying and how you want to respond to them. In fact, these behaviors are so common that they are a contributing factor in 62 percent of all car accidents.

Manual Tasks

Almost every adult has a story to tell about something they did while driving a car. Some students have been known to write term papers while driving down the interstate while older adults may be catching up on a meal that they missed. Many drivers use this time to freshen up their makeup or make sure that their hair is styled correctly. Even adjusting the GPS, turning car climate control knobs or messing with the radio can cause a distracted driving accident.

Visual Tasks

Drivers should be constantly scanning the road with their eyes to predict what traffic is going to do, but many find that they take their eyes off the road just long enough to end up in an accident. Driving with pets is often listed as a factor in car accidents because the person is tempted to glance over to see what the pet is doing. Likewise, driving with children can cause visual distractions as parents try to settle arguments and make sure that their children are safely buckled up while driving. About seven percent of all distracted car accidents are caused by the driver getting distracted by something they see outside of the car.

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