child custody arrangements Utah

4 Types of Child Custody Arrangements Used in Utah

Child custody is a significant concern — and, often, a source of conflict — when parents in Utah decide to separate or divorce. If you and your spouse cannot come to a mutually acceptable solution, the matter goes before the court. The judge then has the final say on both physical custody, or where your […]

modify child support order

How to Modify a Child Support Order in Utah

If your income or living situation changes — or if circumstances change for your ex — your existing child support order may no longer be workable. Fortunately, the terms of your order are not set in stone. If either of you is having trouble making ends meet under the current arrangement, the payments may be […]

Child custody out of state

Utah Child Custody & Relocation: Can Your Ex Move Out of State?

Child custody disputes involving relocation are among the most difficult to resolve. Utah laws encourage divorced and never-married parents to work out their differences themselves, without bringing the matter to the court. However, if your ex wants to move out of state with the children and you don’t agree, working together to find an acceptable […]