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Auto accident attorney car accidentOften the presentation of medical billings and providing a scenario of pain and suffering will suffice to allow a client to recover his damages to his automobile, obtain payment for his medical expenses to treat injuries and recover further proceeds for the pain and suffering of a personal injury without filing suit.

If a settlement is not reached by that type of negotiation then litigation is filed to obtain recovery through continued negotiations or by trial before a judge or a jury. Examples of resolution of personal injury cases by negotiation or trial that this firm has handled include the following:

Three clients in a vehicle struck by defendant head on and two receiving significant injuries needed further coverage than the $50,000 allowed for the defendant driver’s policy of $50,000 per person, $100,000 or two persons maximum. The driver, being underinsured for the injuries he had caused did provide, through this councel, the maximum coverage of $50,000 to two of the three clients. The back seat client had a broken back in several places. She received the defendant driver’s $50,000 and then received $100,000 on the client driver’s underinsured provisions. Counsel further recovered another $50,000 from the client’s own insurance for a total recovery of $200,000. The client driver, with a crushed foot received the defendant driver’s $50,000 as well as $100,000 from her own underinsured policy provisions. The third client, with lesser injuries, recovered sufficient for his injuries with payment from the driver’s underinsured coverage.

This counsel has obtained client recovery through negotiations or litigation of an estimated 100 personal injury auto accident cases where the opposing driver was a fault and cited for wrongful conduct that caused the accident. Recovery for the client routinely includes payment of the damages to the client’s auto; payment of the medical expenses the client incurred to bring full and complete recovery, including therapy and all out patient follow up treatment; and payment of money to compensate for pain and suffering incurred as a result of the negligence of the driver at fault. Many of these cases are often rear end collisions which carry with them a presumption that the driver that collided from the rear of a client’s auto is at fault. These cases often incur neck and back or other injuries which are immediately referred to an MD, chiropractor or physical therapist known to this councel.

Often the opposing driver at fault for causing an auto accident with the client is uninsured or underinsured. This counsel can obtain recovery and money for full compensation of client damages from the driver’s own insurance coverage by providing the same information that would be used to negotiate settlement with the opposing driver’s insurer or by litigating the same issues, the client’s insurer being held to honor protection provisions available for under or uninsured status.

Case Studies by Provo, Utah Auto Accident Attorney

Clients seeking damages for personal injuries suffered in auto accident
Clients seeking damages for personal injuries suffered in auto accident