Child Custody Attorney

small child in courtroom - child custody attorneyMr. Bushman has practiced custody law for the past 30 years.

Custody issues include state of domicile of the children, whether a party wants sole legal and sole physical custody of the minor children and whether a party needs to move over 150 miles away from the other party or out of state. Support obligations take into consideration the time each parent is awarded to have with the minor children. Visitation rights in the non-custodial parent and designation of regular weekly or monthly visitation and holiday parent time have to be determined. Pick up and drop off of children considerations occur and date of payment of support and whether Office Of Recovery Services will be used to collect and pay the support to the custodial parent.

How do Child Custody Cases Work?

During the proceedings of a child custody case, the parents or parties will exchange financial information from which a child support calculation may be made. Often the parties will not agree upon a requested mode of custody and either the court on its own may make the custody determination based upon evidence and testimony presented by the parties at trial or the court may rely upon a custody evaluation to be prepared by a counselor.

Finalization will include an order designating who the legal and lawful parents of the subject child or children are and a determination as to where there will be joint legal and physical custody or sole legal and sole physical custody of said children.

A Provo, Utah Child Custody Attorney Can Help

Mr. Bushman can commence with a negotiable retainer and will motion to waive the $318 filing fee for the Parentage Petition if client income is low enough. Consultation with the client may occur during business hours Monday through Friday. Call Mr. Bushman for a telephone conference and to schedule an appointment. A new client requesting Mr. Bushman’s services can expect an initial consultation without charge and should expect that to last approximately one hour to provide all information necessary for preparation of the Petition and commence a custody case.

Client cases that this attorney has successfully represented include the following:

Temporary Orders granted to mother or father for sole legal and sole physical custody of the minor children with child support.

Temporary Orders for shared custody of the minor children where no child support was ordered, the parties each alternating two days on and two days off of custody and alternating weekends.

Unmarried mother seeking to take her child out of state obtained order for her sole custody with support and part of travel for visitation paid by father.

Father seeking past due child support obtained significant support order from mother for her payment and then resolved by mediation all issues of travel costs with mother who lived out of state.

Mediation resolves vast majority of custody cases without going to trial.