Criminal Defense Attorney

criminal defense attorneyDuring the course of Rex’s legal career, he has always been willing to accept criminal defense cases involving misdemeanor and felony citations and indictments. Normally resolution of such cases comes with defense counsel offering a plea bargain for the client to admit or plead no contest to a lesser included offense to save the time of the prosecutor in bringing the case to trial.

Commonly client pleas are entered with a determination by the court that with good behavior the entire matter pleaded to may be fully dismissed if the client gets into no further trouble with the law for a probationary period of time, i.e., 12 to 18 months.

Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Provo, Utah Trial

Where the charges are too significant to plea bargain or counsel and prosecutor cannot agree upon adequate resolution of the offense, pre-trial to determine if probable cause exists or sufficient evidence has been propounded to take the matter to trial, may occur. Mustering evidence, interviewing witnesses and researching points of the law are all included in counsel’s preparation to obtain the most favorable results for the client by motion or trial.

Mr. Bushman will accept payment for criminal defense services as the work is provided and does not require full payment for the entire matter at the outset.

Rex Bushman provides criminal defense services in the following areas:

All felonies and misdemeanors including:
Assault Fraud
Domestic Violence Extortion
Theft Juvenile
Possession Sex Offenses
Distribution Federal Charges
Internet Crimes