Estate Planning Attorney

grandparents sitting with estate planning attorneyThis council has studied requirements for successful estate planning extensively and has practiced with and provides the following recommended services to protect any estate:

Pour over wills and send all assets of a decedent to a trust, previously designated as revocable which can in ones lifetime be changed but which becomes irrevocable upon death.

The establishment of trusts to administer the estate of a decedent according to ones previously designated estate plan avoids the need for probate court to administer and designate new owners for the assets of a decedent. Estate planning provides for the spouse and children of a decedent to immediately own the real and personal property of their spouse, provider or parent without need for delay to obtain court approval for distribution or division of decedent assets.

Creating Wills, Trusts & Estates with a Provo, Utah Estate Planning Attorney

Young parents are encouraged to designate guardians for their children should something happen to both parents simultaneously and provisions made for the children’s’ support with life insurance or other assets. All persons should make designations such as specific bequests to heirs of their real or personal property and have directives in place for matters such as time to be sustained on life support systems.

This counsel provides estate planning, wills and trusts, and where a decedent has passed on without any estate planning, this council provides probate services where heirs may be designated, assets administered and divided, creditors notified and closing of the estate pursuant to required court order.

Estate litigation provided by the firm includes case where decedent mother provided daughter quit claim deed leaving mother’s home to daughter for daughter to provide life time care for the mother. Two other sons were thus left out of the inheritance when mother unexpectedly died with deed in effect and daughter had long since moved out of the home and had not provided the care expected. Mediation provided resolution to the two sons with payment by sister for their interest in the mother’s home.