How Much Will Your Utah Car Accident Settlement Be?

car accident settlement

If you suffered serious injuries in a car accident, a settlement can provide the resources you need to get treatment and pay your bills during the time you’re unable to work.

All damages you suffered will be included in your settlement claim. You may also qualify to have some non-economic damages included in your settlement. However, we must be able to provide support for those using either the Utah legal code or relevant examples of case law.

Although your settlement claim amount will depend on the specific facts and evidence of your case, you should have legal grounds to recover the cost of your medical care, lost wages and other provable damages.

Medical Treatment & Care Costs in a Car Accident Settlement

In most cases, you can include the value of all your medical care and treatment costs that resulted from your accident.

This may include some or all the following costs for:

  • An ambulance
  • The emergency room
  • Medication
  • X-rays and other medical tests
  • Assistive devices (crutches, wheelchair, etc.)
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

If your injuries are serious enough to require ongoing care, your attorney may also include any projected future medical costs in your settlement claim.

Can a Car Accident Settlement Include Lost Income & Benefits?

If the injuries you suffered in a car accident are serious enough to prevent you from working, you may also have legal grounds to include lost wages in your claim.

This typically includes the amount of income you lost from the date of the accident through the time you were allowed to return to work. If you can document lost benefits as a component of your time away from work, the value of those may also be included.

If you will be out of work for an extended period, we can include your future lost income and benefits. You may also have grounds to request lost opportunity costs. For example, if you were eligible for a promotion or pay raise, you may include the value of those in your claim.

Finally, if you suffered permanent or long-term injuries that prevent you from resuming your prior job tasks, you can claim the difference between your past wages and any reduction in pay you may face as a result.

What Other Costs Can Be Included in an Auto Accident Settlement?

We will also include other financial damages you suffered in the accident, which may include the costs of some or all the following:

  • Car repair or replacement
  • Vehicle towing
  • A rental car
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may also include an amount for pain and suffering, hedonic damages (loss of life’s enjoyment) and the legal value associated with any physical loss, in the event you lost a digit, limb, etc.

If you suffered injuries in a car accident in Provo, Utah, or the surrounding communities, contact the offices of Rex B. Bushman, attorney at law, to schedule a free consultation. We can answer your questions and help you determine whether you may have legal grounds to pursue a car accident settlement.