Real estate agent denied significant earned commission

CASE: Real estate agent denied significant earned commission

CLIENT: Commercial real estate agent with large local Utah broker

PROBLEM: Client real estate agent was denied an earned commission for his work in finding and closing a buyer for the purchase of an apartment building because the real estate broker thought there were irregularities in the client’s performance as agent for the broker and seller. Client sued the broker agency for the commission Rex convinced the broker that he would lose the litigation if it went to trial.

SOLUTION: Mr. Bushman initially dealt with the false information that had been provided relating to the agent’s ability to win at trial. Mr. Bushman prepared and filed the complaint and conducted discovery in depositions outlining all facts for opposing counsel and broker. Based on Mr. Bushman’s findings and knowledge of Utah law, the agent received all of his anticipated commission.

AWARD: Settlement without verdict at trial for $55,000.00.