Should You Call an Auto Accident Attorney or Your Insurer First?

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If you’re involved in a car crash, you’ll need to make a few phone calls, and one of your first should be to an auto accident attorney.

Always call a lawyer before you contact your insurance company.

An auto accident can turn your life upside down in a split second, and a claims adjuster is not an advocate for your needs, rights and interests. An attorney, on the other hand, can help make sure you get a fair personal injury settlement.


Why You Should Call an Auto Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible

Dealing with the aftermath of a car crash is highly stressful. If you suffered injuries from the accident, the event can be even more difficult to handle.

After an accident, you’ll need to make a great many decisions quickly. Any or all those decisions can have a huge impact on your personal injury settlement. An accident attorney can give you sound advice on the important steps to take, including:


  • What to do — and what NOT to do — at the scene of an auto accident

  • How to handle your insurance company phone call

  • How to give a driver statement to the police

  • How to respond when liability or fault is in dispute

In addition, a lawyer can speed up the whole insurance settlement process. Working with an accident attorney allows you to have your case resolved swiftly. This means you’ll have the money to take care of your car repairs, medical treatment and any other bills from the collision.


Why Calling the Insurance Company First Is a Mistake

Your insurance company is not on your side. As a for-profit business, making money is their primary concern.

So when you call a claims adjuster, you’re speaking with someone tasked with the job of finding ways to get you to accept the lowest possible personal injury settlement. And that’s if they approve the claim — insurance companies encourage their adjusters to deny claims whenever they can.


Don’t Accept a Settlement Offer Without Talking to an Attorney

What if you were involved in a car crash and you already talked to your insurance company?

If you haven’t contacted an auto accident attorney yet, do so immediately. And no matter what, don’t accept a settlement offer. Your injuries, vehicle damage and loss of income could be greater than you initially considered, and once you accept an offer from the claims adjuster, you won’t be able to pursue any additional compensation.

An experienced auto accident attorney will make sure that the personal injury settlement you receive is fair — and the same can’t be said of your claims adjuster.

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