Steps for a Personal Injury Case

Steps for a Personal Injury Case

If you are injured or harmed by someone else’s negligence, you might have grounds for a lawsuit.  Personal injury litigation in Utah has some unique requirements, so it is important to be represented by an experienced personal injury attorney to get the help you need.


If your claim is for less than $10,000 in damages, you can file your personal injury lawsuit in your Utah county small claims courts where you live or in the county where the accident originally occurred.  If your lawsuit exceeds the $10,000 threshold, it must be filed in District Court.

Time Limits to File

There is a four-year statute of limitations In Utah to file many personal injury claims. Medical malpractice and product liability suits have even a shorter time limit, which is only two years. In a medical malpractice case, the deadline begins from the date the injury or medical issue was discovered. So, it is very important to be informed and not miss out on your legal rights.

Consultation with an Attorney

Meet with a highly qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the incident. Everything is fresh in your mind, which will make it much easier to remember the facts and be able to detail them clearly. It will also be much easier for the attorney to get started gathering evidence before it disappears or is unrecoverable.  This can make the difference between a winning or losing case.

The lawyer will gather all the information and evidence he or she needs to develop a strong case for you and get you a fair settlement or verdict in the end.

Negotiation and Mediation

Your attorney will normally try to negotiate or mediate with the negligent party to come to a settlement agreement to avoid a long and expensive trial. Many cases are settled pre-trial because it can benefit both sides and is normally the right path to take.  Depositions and other discovery may be conducted to gather more evidence and facts that may further develop your case.

Trial and Verdict

If negotiation fails, then a trial and verdict are inevitable if you have a strong case. Your skilled attorney will prepare for the trial by preparing a trial notebook, organizing the evidence, and gathering witnesses to testify on your behalf.

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