Family Law - Grandparents Rights

Family Law – Grandparents Rights

In Utah, grandparents have the right to file for visitation or custody with their grandchildren in particular circumstances. This area of law is much more complicated due to new laws which make it more difficult for the grandparent(s) if the parent(s) object. The grandparents have to prove “significant harm” in order to prevail in their case. Continue reading “Family Law – Grandparents Rights” »

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Plan for Inevitable Divorce and or Custody Order

Divorce petitions require consideration of custody of the minor children, child support, division of the vehicles and personal property of the marriage, sale or keeping of the real property for one party or the other, alimony for a specific number of years, possible life insurance for the provider that is paying support, division of retirement proceeds accumulated during the marriage, disposition of debts and grounds of irreconcilable differences or otherwise to justify the petition filing. Continue reading “Plan for Inevitable Divorce and or Custody Order” »