What to Do After a Car Accident Injury

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of summer vacation for many people. It also marks the start of summer road trip season, and that means more cars and drivers on the road. Unfortunately, that also means more car accidents.

If you or someone you travel with gets hurt in a car accident out-of-town, you must follow several steps in order to make sure everything is handled properly afterward.

Before you even get on the road, you must have car insurance. It is illegal to drive without it. You must have insurance in all 50 states, even though every state has different insurance laws. Your insurance company will work with you to determine the proper coverage for your situation.

Take These Steps After an Accident 

A car accident it is imperative to remain calm, even though emotions may run high. Follow these steps in order to ensure proper handling of your claim and your case:

  • Call 9-1-1 for the police and for medical attention immediately following the accident.
  • Be sure to take photos of any and all injuries to show to medical professionals. Also note any numbness, pain, dizziness or any other discomfort.
  • Take clear and detailed pictures of the damage to the cars and the scene of the accident before the vehicles are cleared.
  • Gather contact information from all witnesses such as name, address and phone numbers.
  • Exchange insurance, driver’s license and contact information with the other drivers involved. If you can, get a photo of each document.
  • Do not admit fault, no matter what.
  • Call your insurance company in order to get the ball rolling for your insurance claim.

Consider a Personal Injury Attorney

Car accidents happen every day, and sometimes people get hurt. Be careful out there. You shouldn’t let the possibility of a car accident deter you from taking your dream summer road trip, but it is always in your best interest to be prepared.

An injury lawyer will help guide you through the entire process of going up against insurance companies. If you’re involved and/or injured in a car accident, be sure to follow the above steps and contact Rex B. Bushman at (801) 652-9413 today.